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+22 votes
Quite often, when looking at my DT grid, I'll wonder what those three D4/T4.5 caches were (or similar) - what would be very cool, is to be able to just click that square to bring up a list of those caches.
in Feature requests by lee737 (2.4k points)
Great suggestion.
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I agree, that would be a great addition
yes i approuve ... it's more simply like you propose
I agree. In fact, the 'corresponding' GSAK macro already has this (albeit only the last 4 founds of each D/T type).

1 Answer

0 votes
Though I can see how this would be nice - it is not uncommon for the DT of a cache to change, as can be found and seen in the D/T History tab (Tools:Others:D/T history)
In fact when I looked at this I found 515 caches have had DT changes (this is over 2% of my cache finds) - this means you could look at a certain DT one week and see what caches have been found and look a few weeks later for that list to be missing one or two or gained one or two and you haven't been out caching since.
by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
DT changes can't be helped - what I was suggesting could just show the current stats, it could also incorporate the data from the DT history, and show what was lost from a DT?