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+4 votes

How can I have longer lists in my profile statistics about my finds with the most FP, my oldest finds, my highest finds and a list of all owners?

Have a nice day!
in Support and help by Der Wald-Pirat (160 points)
You would like to see more entries, right?
It would be best if I could customize the number of caches / owners displayed like in the GCStatistik programm.
Indeed, I would appreciate that as well.
I would reccomend the use of a pocket query. This will brings you ALL your caches. There are sveral tools for exporting this to tools like excel. So you can filter some of your wanted attributes/measures.
How does excel know the heigth of the caches?
The pocket query does not contain any information about the cache elevation.
Thats why I said "some of your wanted " attributes.

1 Answer

0 votes

It is not possible to have longer lists directly in the profile stats since they would get unbearably long.

But there are several tools on the Project-GC, that will allow to filter your finds, so for example for the list of all your found caches sorted by elevation you can use Top Elevation Tool, where you select your profile name and use the Filter "Hide: Not found".

by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)
Thanks for your info.
However, the tool doesn't give a list of owners.
The lists would not get unbearably long, if 100 entries would be allowed instead of 10.