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Can I register 2 email addresses so that we both get the notifications on favs, logs, etc?

+2 votes
Currently I only have one email address registered with PGC - can and how do I increase this to 2 so that my wife can get the notifications directly too? (Really sorry if this has been asked before - I looked in FAQs but could not see it :( )
asked Aug 25 in Support and help by DARK KAT (360 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Best answer
No. This is not possible in PGC. If you need to set up this, I would recommend to create a filter in your primary mail, which will automatically forward the emails from project-gc to other mail address(es).
answered Aug 25 by Jakuje (Moderator) (92,180 points)
selected Aug 28 by DARK KAT
Many thanks for this answer - couldn't get it to work on the outlook app but works fine on the laptop ! I've also set up an auto forward for Geocaching logs ! I'm sure I'll find other uses too !
The filters should be created on the server. Doing it on the outlook does not make a lot of sense. I recommend going through the web interface of your mail provider (for example gmail have quite good possibilities for filtering and forwarding emails).
+1 vote
People usually create a team name, which also logs, and so is he and his wife. You should check the two separate accounts.
answered Aug 27 by Ariberna (1,250 points)
+1 vote
We have a similar "problem". 2 people and a common account. To have all emails on the same time (my wife and me) I created a separate email address only geocaching where we both have access.
answered Sep 20 by GoD_ArnDoran (530 points)