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+6 votes

Sorry, I'm new to the community. I would like to vote on some questions about the vote button. But unfortunately the button is grayed out and doesn't work for mesad. Is there a kind of manual about the Community in which I can read the answers to such questions? I don't think I'm the first one who doesn't know how to use it. 

Thanks Karsten, member of Clashed Mules 

in Support and help by clashed mules (280 points)

2 Answers

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Please, read this question. To get the rights to vote, you need first to achieve 130 points. You are receiving points by asking (good) questions that get upvoted or providing good answers for newbies.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)
selected by clashed mules
Thank you very much. That was exactly the answer I was looking for. But how can this be made transparent for other newbies? Is there a search functionality?
Yes, there is search on the top right of the page. I found this by seaching for "vote" keyword.

I was wondering the same thing... I could not vote the button was gray... but after giving a few answers to questions the vote button turned green and i could vote.

Good luck!

Good to hear that. But this is merely a comment since it does not answer the question nor does add anything new. So please distinguish between these. And please avoid adding answers just for the points, prefer adding useful information.
0 votes
You can up- or downvote items you like or dislike using the arrows on the left, but only once. Does this work?
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)
Well and the arrows are grayed out on your own items indeed.