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+1 vote
Ich hätte gerne einen Banner  für gc8cv3c. Wie mache ich das? Habe Null Ahnung.  Vielen Dank für eine info
in Support and help by muschel3 (230 points)
What banner? What for? Where?
Hello, you can insert a banner with a link in a Listing. How to insert this link, that's what i wandet to know. This is something for collectors. It's not important. Thanks a lot. Greatings from Germany, Doris
what banner? one similar to a souvenir with found caché xxxxxx and with a text or image for one profile?
Thanks a lot for your help. I'll try it. Greatings from germany

1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer

I would reccommend:

1 upload your pic / banner to your geocache (rechte Seite Funktionen für den owner)

2 use within your listing html coding like

<p align="center"><a href="" ><img alt="GCxxx - Cachename" src="https://link zum Banner" height="200" /></a></center></p>

Link to the picture can be an external photo storage website or the link to your uploaded picture (rechte maustaste Link Bildadresse kopieren) 

If you asked for creating the pic/banner, I would reccomend user a pic orr foto, preparing a rectangle in powerpoint or paint. Design your banner perhaps with your GC Coden on it and the save the pic

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
selected by muschel3
Thanks a lot for your help. I'll try it. Greatings from Germany