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Shows many caches already logged as found as needed. Even if found months or years earlier. Seems to work on my own profile, but not when I try to look at others. Ive heard the same issue from friends.
in Bug reports by M 5 (130 points)
edited by M 5
Have you changed any settings on your profile? Changed your name? Changed your computer, OS or browser? Sounds strange - I only see the normal delay of a few days after which everything is accurate.
As stated, I'm not the only one it is doing it to. I know of two others. Same on my phone or computer
Could you give us an example to look at please.
Just focusing on months(jasmer). If I search for June 2000 caches I need for 6 loops. It shows me all June 2000 caches. I found one of them. On the map, it will show a smiley on my found, but no found indication on thelist below the map. If I search for a friend, it will show me all available caches even if found by my friend, minus the smiley on the map, making it even harder.
I took screenshots, but I'm not seeing how to add them here
Please, share a link to the search you used. You can upload screenshots to any image-sharing website (for example google photos) and share a link here.
Got picture link to work, deleting matrix link
Here is screenshot link

1 Answer

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When I run the query you supplied earlier, I get exactly the same map as that that you posted, however your find on GC37 Missouri's First - Watts Mill is now unfound. I have confirmed that you have indeed found this cache, on 8 SEP 18.

Looks like there might be some database corruption.

Please go PGC > Support (big orange button) > Self Support and enter GC37 down at the bottom and click the refresh button. That should fix the problem.

Note that when you look at your friend's profile on this map, the smileys show caches that YOU have found, not those found by your friend.

by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.7k points)
I understand I shouldn't see a smiley on my friends, it shouldn't show caches they found at all, but it does. It shouldn't show gc37 as found or as unfounded. It shouldn't  show up in that particular search at all for me.