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I have no idea if this is possible, if this is the right place to ask or if I am asking for something huge. But if it is something that could be done I would absolutely love to have an option in the PGC Web browser extension that makes the link for "View larger map" go directly to the "browse map" instead of the new map.

If this is the wrong place for this question, please let me know who I should contact with this sugesstion to make it happen. :)
in Feature requests by Pleu (5.1k points)
Are you saying you would like the link to open Geocaching's Browse Map page?
Yes exactly. I would prefer if it would open the "Browse Map" (aka the old map) and not the new map. This would save me from an extra click and the risk of just landing at my home coordinates because I do that click to fast. And it would actually show me the map at the right location when I am clicking from an archived cache. I dont count on being able to get groundspeak to make this a setting so the PGC script was the only way I could think of. But as stated, I have no idea if it is possible.

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Not possible with the current script.

The View Larger Map link takes the GC code as its parameter, however the Browse Map page does not support GC codes, only long/lat. Someone with java script experience would need to re-write the script to extract the coordinates from the cache, convert them to dd.dddd format and replace that link. And then someone else will prefer the old map, so an option to save preferences would also be needed.

Given that all this does is save one click, I would guess this would be a very low priority.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.1k points)
selected by Pleu
Thank you for explaining why it is not possible/too much work!

I would like to correct that it does more than save one click tho. My main problem is that when clicking on an archived cache there is no way to get to the correct place on the map, with the old map (aka the browse map) you still got to the right place.

The option for preferences shouldnt be that big of a problem to put in the script since you have on/off for all the other things already so there is no need to add menues for it or anything like that.
Hrm, bit of a necropost here, but I accidently discovered a workaround that actually does what I want (gives me the correct place on the map for an archived cache) and in doing this I realized that the coordinates in dd.dddd-format is available on the cache page. Does this make this wish of mine possible? :)

The "online maps-link" to uses the coordinates in the format mentioned to find the place on the map so getting to the Browse map is just taking this link and removing "/play" from the link itself, could that be done with the script?

The discovered workaround of course makes this a less needed feature, but since this now sounded like much less work I thought I'd ask. :)