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I have created a list for my virtuel gps. I have added caches to the gps, and now I want to build a .gpx-file to load the caches to my real gps. I know from other virtuel gps-lists that there are five buttons next to the choosen list, the last of which is the button to build the .gpx-file, and the second button (manage list) is needed when I want to delete my list.

With this particular virtuel gps the buttons are missing. They do not show. I can see that the homepage is reading and after a few seconds it is done and no buttons but the first one to create new list. I can choose another list (virtuel gps) from the drop-down list, and when I do the buttons appear and the caches added to the list. If I choose the faulty list, everything disappears, the buttons and the caches added to the list.

I have tried to delete caches from the list, and the number below the virtuel gps is now at 9.300. Is there a "magic" number that one cannot exceede? How do I get into the virtuel gps to delete it?

Thanks in advance

GEO Karen
in Bug reports by GEO Karen (320 points)

1 Answer

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The idea when we wrote the system was that it was supposed to be used for handpicking, and we didn't see that anyone would use it for thousands of caches. Therefore, we made a limit of max 5000 caches (or is it 10000?). However, we know there is some bug with that limit and it is possible to add caches regardless of that limit in some cases. We have not investigated this since we are working on a complete rewrite.

This is not your problem though. But the problem with big lists are that they get very heavy for your computer. 5000 caches is usually not a problem, 10000 caches needs a browser with fast JS-engine (firefox is pretty fast) and a fast CPU.

The plan with the next version of VGPS is that it will be faster and that it should be technically possible to handle 10000 caches without a problem.

Until then, the only thing we can do is to tell you that better browser/hardware might help, alternatively, we can help you remove the VGPS itself.

Version 2 of VGPS was planned to be released this year. But changes in the tax systems within EU we have had to stop that the VGPS work and focus on this instead, due to the very hard deadline.

Also, I must admit that there is a chance that our VGPS 2 plans won't work as expected. If so, it may end up with nothing, or that we have to start over with some other technology again. It is too early to say, but we have done some tests, and we still believe in the result.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Okay, thanks. I have had other lists that were larger than 5.000 caches and they worked fine. I will try to limit my virtuel gps in the future, and I will look forward to any and all new and/or rewritten work at the site. I enjoy the site, I think it is great (Thanks for your work and effort), and I will continue to explore the stats and usable information on caches everywhere.
GEO Karen