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Why is there no Africa map?

0 votes
We have continent maps for Europe, Asia and South America. North America does not make much sense unless you include Central America, but Africa would make a lot of sense.
asked Sep 12, 2019 in Feature requests by DerLakaiMS (6,520 points)

5 Answers

–3 votes
When I travel to other countries I grab in my phone in c:geo the caches, because is better and gps is ok in this countries.
answered Sep 13, 2019 by Ariberna (1,450 points)
How is this answering the original question?
–1 vote
I think you may need to clarify what you mean by "there is no Africa map". Livemap (for instance) works fine for Africa:,31.26675;z=11

Were is it that you are lacking a map for Africa within Project-GC ?
answered Oct 23, 2019 by Funky_Boris (9,310 points)
+2 votes
Best answer
Are you referring to the maps in "Profile stats"? If so: have you found caches in at least three African countries? If not then the answer is easy: the continent maps are only shown if you have found caches in at least three (if I am not mistaken) countries of the continent in question.
answered Oct 23, 2019 by k+gw+a (8,530 points)
selected Oct 23, 2019 by DerLakaiMS
wasn't aware that 3 countries are required to bring up a continent map, but it kind of makes sense.
Can you clarify where did you find that you need to have three countries to show the continent map? I did not find it mentioned anywhere.
I do not have a clear confirmation, either. That’s why I wrote "if I am not mistaken". I just see that I get the Asia map with 3 countries there, but the TO does not get an Africa map with only 1 country. I don’t get a North America map with 2 countries, either, so I assume that 3 countries is the threshold that triggers showing the map.
would fit to my memory of Asia "appearing" suddenly after I had more countries
Yes, this is how it works. I'm not entirely sure about the number three, but you definitely need finds in more than one country for a continent map to appear (but I also think it's three).
The number might be different per continent/continental region:

I have:
North America - Canada only - 1 country -> continental map
Asia - UAE and Japan - 2 countries -> continental map (came after I had Japan)
Oceania - New Zealand - 1 country -> continental map
+1 vote
Just to note that since this question was asked and since my answer of 23 October the algorithm apparently has changed. I now get continent maps also for continents where I have found caches only in one country.

Thanks a lot for this update!
answered 3 days ago by k+gw+a (8,530 points)
Even today I still don’t get an Africa map with one country found there. All other continents I have more than 3 countries, so cannot tell if Africa is special. I get Oceania with two countries found
That’y strange, because I get the Africa map with (so far) only one country found there. (North America: 2/42, Asia: 3/54.) Africa seems to behave just as the other continents. As said, it seems to be a very recent change, so maybe your statistics have not yet updated?
strange indeed. I am paying member, so the statistic gets daily updates. Anyway, not soooo important. Thanks anyhow for commenting on this.
0 votes

I used super software c:geo and offline maps from:

answered 3 days ago by Lomnice (430 points)