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+1 vote

I am planning a new geocache and wanted to make a gif banner as a reward to everyone who finds the cache. Wel it gave me heaps of trouble but i wil not bother you with that. The banner was finaly done and i needed a place to 'stash' it... What is the best free place to do that??

I am asking because recently two of my banners disappeared from my profile page... Apparently they where on a page that was canceled and now my banner is gone sadfrown

I do not want that to happen to my banner after putting in a lot of work in to it....

in Support and help by PetjeOp (480 points)
Okay you guy's i found out that i can upload my banner to my own twitter account and copy the link from there. That way i know for sure the banner wil never be deleted!! Unless i do it myself ;)

3 Answers

+2 votes

The best place is to upload it to the cache listing.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
–1 vote
As a further security you could upload the picture to the gallery of the cache. So it will be there until the cache exists. When the server with the picture gets down, you can easily set a new link.
by Joker96 (2.3k points)
Already said in the first answer. Why even to use different server? When it will go down, it will break the images for all the players who copied that to their profiles.
–2 votes
I often see that the owners use Amazon Cloud
by GoD_ArnDoran (650 points)
Where? Can you share a link to that service? Is there any guarantee that it will exist as long as your cache?

I think as this is Amazon it will be available for a while. But it’s just one possibility...
The photos uploaded to geocache listings are externally stored in AWS. But that is not a separate service where one could upload a photos separately. For example, see one of my caches:
It has several images on the bottom of the page, where the links go to for example here:
But if you click on that link, you will get URL like this:
But again, this photo was uploaded to the cache listing and not directly to amazon cloud. The amazon cloud is a storage used by geocaching.
okay so that stil means they could disappear if the server is taken down right?
Well ... indeed. Everything can disappear. But if you upload the image to the cache listing, this risk is minimized and groundspeak-contracted amazon servers will probably not be taken down if the whole geocaching site is still up.