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Regularily I'm using 'create gpx' from a VGPS which issues a job finalized into a downloadable zip file.

Further I use pocket queries from groundspeak too.

While the latter manually or the right way (cgeo) imported into above mentioned tools also import and show waypoints (from caches which have some), importing vgps created zip files import the caches and try to start the waypoint import (from wpts file),  but finishes very fast and without any of the available waypoints.

Locus e.g. show final result with ### caches , 0 waypoints imported. In cgeo a refresh of e.g. a cache having a parking location before show 0 waypoints, after the refresh 1 waypoint.

I'm pretty  sure that this worked before,but I don't since when its not working anymore...
in Bug reports by itsbrody (2.3k points)
edited by itsbrody
And what s the question?
It's a bug report (for the site Owner/maintainer).

Maybe other's could confirm my observation,  have found a workaround or know something about,  why and since when VGPs behave like this.
GSAK is also having issues with the GPX files as well.

See this issue.

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