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Feature Request: Add "Add Tag" buttons to "My Scripts and Tags" list

0 votes
I'm in the process of tagging challenge caches in my area and find myself reusing a handful of powerful scripts. Great!

Instead of searching for the same scripts over and over again, I would like to be able to add tags to scripts that I've already used directly from the "My Scripts and Tags" page. This could be done by inserting an "Add Tag" button in the empty area below the "Edit" button next to the script name.

36 challenges tagged, 1,000+ more to go...
asked Dec 20, 2014 in Feature requests by jacobsedk (500 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I don't like this suggestion. It can lead easely to mistakes.

By looking through the old tags I sometimes detect an error and can correct it

I'm close to 900 tags and like it this way
answered Dec 20, 2014 by vogelbird (Expert) (50,820 points)
900 tags? Respect! :-)

Just to make my suggestion clear: I'm not suggesting that the "Tag script" button on the "Find script" page be removed, just that a similar button be added on the "My scripts and tags" page. (I should have probably called it "Tag script" instead of "Add tag".) So your current workflow needn't change at all, even if mine did.

I'm not sure I understand how my suggestion would lead to mistakes, or how it would prevent one from looking through and correcting old tags. If that's the case, I withdraw my proposal. If not, I'd still like to see it implemented.

Tag on!
900 tags, I have to agree. Respect! :)

About the question itself, I will have to come back to that at a later point. I can imagine that it's quite a lot of work to add it into more places.