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Im not sure if this should be called a bug or not, since it probably is bugrelated but not on PGCs part so I post it in misc. :)

Long story short, at an event one of the people there stumbled upon a mega event with a favourite point! Somebody had a theory that reviewers could leave FPs on events, I think it is related to some sort of bug with an app since I know that in cachly a few versions back you could mark your log as if you wanted to leave a FP when logging an event but then of course the FP didnt show up on the cachepage of the event.

How do PGC plays in here you ask? Well, I was sure we were going to find out who left the FP by using the PGC "Who favors who" on the account that had posted the mega-event. But PGC says the account has no FPs. This leaves me with two questions: Why doesnt PGC show this FP? And how the heck did this event get an FP, lol?

Is it just that the "Who favors who" exlude all events since you cant leave an FP on a event and that would make it less data to check?

If anyone wanna try to solve the mystery with the FP on the event, it is this mega that have the FP: You need to go to the COs list of all hidden caches to see that it has a FP.
in Miscellaneous by Pleu (5.3k points)
This sounds like not even Groundspeak can agree whether the event can have FP or not on their website as it shows the point in one page (cache list) and not in others (event listing). I assume either PGC does not download FPs for events or the API does not even have it for events so getting this answer would require going through all the 1000 people who attended the event and checking their favorite cache list (in manual or more automated way). Interesting mystery though.

Is it possible that a fav point wasn't given by anyone and a glitch simply shows this as having one
Is it important ? ;-)

Is it important? No. Do I want to know the answer? Yes.

I posted it to the pgc-forum since if it was related to a bug in the who favors who I thought that the people behind pgc would like to know. :)
OK - thanks - though having seen the issue in GC . com - I think the glitch lies with them and not pgc (which you eluded to in the OP) - despite a bug being identified  (as below) I am not sure that it is linked to the anomaly you have mentioned
Have you posted this same question in GC forums ?
My actual question was why I cant see who gave the FP in ”who favors who”, not why the event have gotten a FP. Since ”who favors who” is a PGC-tool I have not posted about it in the GC-forums. The part about why the event have a FP might have made this unclear, but this is in no way my main question. See it as a ”sidequest” or a way to avoid answers like ”event cant have FPs” and things like that. Im sorry if this made my post confusing.
Ah - OK
I am hoping it is as simple as you shouldnt be able to give a FP to events so they are excluded from the who favors who searches

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We had a silly bug that prevented people that hadn't gotten two FPs to be shown that was relevant here. It's fixed now, but possibly not yet available on the public server.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (163k points)
selected by Pleu
So the one time I dont think it is related to pgc, it actually is a bug! LOL

I'll keep refreshing that page until I get the answer to the mystery then! ;)