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Ability to filter the "Needed Found Dates Calendar" by a specific Challenge

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I would like to have the ability to filter the "Needed Found Dates Calendar" by a specific Challenge, so that the missing Dates for that Challenge fill the Calendar.
asked Oct 30, 2019 in Feature requests by aendgraend (130 points)
How can you filter by challenge? You need to filter by location or attributes, that are required by the challenge, but the filters are unfortunately not connected in any way to the challenge checkers so doing this would be very complicated.
Thanks for the Reply.

Could this be realized by the Author of a Script? For e.g. the Script

The Result of the Script is transferred into an Image where the missing Dates are shown. So I assume those missing Dates could also be inserted in an .ics-File by the Script Author himself/herself?

Or am i wrong with my Assumption?
The Needed Found Dates tool should support the search for the cache type if I remember well, but it requires premium in PGC.

The text list of missing dates is also generated by the script (click on the "Show debug output") so you can probably create an ICS file from that quite simply. It can be improved by the script author, but you would have to contact him directly.
Thanks Jakuje,
I could use the Debug Data from the original Script to create my own Calendar with the missing Days.
You can close the Thread.


1 Answer

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Since aendgraend is happy with the comments that provided a workaround, and suggested the thread be closed, I am adding this "answer" to remove it from the unanswered list.
answered Dec 23, 2019 by TravelingGeek (1,180 points)