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How does one get dates on Adventure Labs corrected?

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Thanks in advance for the help!  I have edited the body of my original question to hopefully be more precise.

I have multiple Adventure Labs that were completed on Nov. 25th on a road trip through Alabama and Georgia.   Several of these completed labs show as being completed on the 26th. (Please see comments for details)

Additionally, my 400th cache milestone (on the 24th of November) should have been the one that is shown on my profile:

* The Director's Travel Bug Hotel

not the Adventure Lab:

Old Bob Sikes Library

shown here, so I am suspecting there is another issue with timing of lab caches.

I have ran the self support jobs with no luck.  I would greatly appreciate any guidance in solving this! :)

asked Dec 13, 2019 in Support and help by mijkie (140 points)
edited Dec 14, 2019 by mijkie
I see much more than 7 lab caches on the 25th November in your profile (check the lab caches tab).
Thanks for allowing me to clarify, Jakuje.  On Nov. 25th, I completed:
* "The Sky is the Limit" in Tuskeegee, AL (5 Locations)
* "100 Years of Olympic Games" in Atlanta, GA (5 locations)
* "A Stroll Down the Famous Peachtree Street" in Atlanta, GA (10 locations)
* "Historic Oakland Cemetery" in Atlanta, GA (10 locations)
* "I Have a Dream" in Atlanta, GA (7 locations)
* "City of Buford" in Buford, GA (5 locations)

Checking my activity in the Adventure Labs shows my reviews for all of them on the 25th.  However, two of the labs from "Historic Oakland Cemetery" (Margaret Mitchell and Tweet) are showing as discovered on the 26th.  Additionally, all locations from "I Have a Dream" and "City of Buford" are showing on the 26th.  Again, for these last two, I am seeing the expected date in my activity on the Adventure Labs app.

I hope that clarifies the issue a bit.  Thanks for your assistance and patience.
Yes, that sounds like some timezone issue, probably even on the groundspeak side. Hard to guess what PGC can do about this.
Fair enough, Jakuje.  Thanks for the input!
Thank you for updating the question. I think that from now on, Magma will have to get in touch with groundspeak to figure out where is the problem between these two systems.
Assuming you have correct home corrdinates and timezeon set in the geocaching profile ( The adventure lab app does not have any specific settings so I only hope it is using the one from geocaching (if any).

1 Answer

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The Labs Adventures app is evolving but, for now, you can only change the text of your log, not the date. Perhaps it will be possible in a future update...

Wait and see
answered Dec 26, 2019 by Zoidrums (1,630 points)