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+2 votes
Silly question, hehehhe!
What do the colors in the statistics bars mean?
in Miscellaneous by R&BSerras (140 points)
You may be more precisious if colour are the badges, if they are of TB or geocoins, if is a stek...
If they are last, red is persone who not continue the stek, dark gree is yes and light green is that not but he/she can log in time.
In travels, etc blue are other and red you.

1 Answer

0 votes
Which particular ones?  As an example, top finders breaks down year found by colour. Streaks breaks down colour by whether the streak is active, potentially broken or inactive.

There should be a legend at the bottom of each chart showing the colour references. If you cant find that, which particular stats page are you talking about?
by BFMC (3.6k points)
Hello BFMC
Check this image "". In the chart: Geocache Hidden . I am the red bar, but it has blue and green bars, why?
Other tables (which are about caches) have different colors for caches you have logged, caches you have not logged, and caches that are archived.
Sorry, I don't think I explained it well.
Ranking of Hidden Geocaches by player.
My bar is red, the other geocachers have green or blue bars. Why?
See here:
The red is just a highlight so you can easily find the user you selected in the Profile Name option (usually yourself). Blue is the standard bar colour, green I cant help you with any certainty (all mine are blue).
The green bar is for geocachers that are on your friend list.
Shouldn't be that, in the picture I put before, 3 ° (Captain Cavendish) is on my friends list but has blue bar.  Is it any configuration on his profile that doesn't show green bar?