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Profile stats: Replace pie charts with table

+9 votes

would you consider to (maybe optionally) replace the two pie charts (Finds by year cache placed and Finds to XY for each year) in Profile stats with tables containing the same information?

With many years in both charts, it is a real mess. Also, in table, there could be also third column with absolute number of caches found of given year, not only percentages.

Please, consider this request, it would make these two stats much more usefull, at least for me :)


asked Jan 4 in Feature requests by niximor (210 points)
So much more useful and a cleaner look.

2 Answers

+6 votes
This change will happen in a few days.
answered Jan 7 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,690 points)
Very good improvement. This has been nicely realised, thank you very much!
+2 votes
Thanks a lot, both for the question and for the quick realisation. It’s really an improvement.

Just one question/remark: in the other statistics the bar with the highest value has a different (darker) colour to single it out as the most successful one. In the two new ones it‘s simply the first year. This seems to be a mistake. Or is there a reason for this?
answered Jan 17 by k+gw+a (10,690 points)