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Not able to change or delete a written log since 31.12.19 [closed]

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Since the end of last year I have been trying to change or delete a log I wrote on December 31, 2019 using the edit function. I try this every day and on different computers, unfortunately it doesn't work. it always jumps back to the display of the written log. why is that? Thank you for a short feedback
closed with the note: The problem is solved
asked Jan 6 in Support and help by SATJA PEPE (160 points)
closed Jan 12 by SATJA PEPE
Please, share the link to the particular log you are referring to.
my question relates to GC8E9HX the entry of satja pepe dated 31.12.2019;
I just looked at other logs again, I can not change any, the function no longer works - changing and deleting is no longer possible, regardless of the cache

2 Answers

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I didn't have the problem with my account and I tested it directly, because I temporarily posted some short "log follows" end of the last year and corrected it a few days later on january 1st.

But I heard the same problem from other users. Those users needed to refresh the browser page (F5) several times.

Another friend reported, that he also has seen an "old" log (already a correction was done but not registered). After he logged out and in again, the changes got active.

Thus I think there was a relevant change on the website. My fieldnotes where updated without this behaviour, so this is no problem to me.

Also I recognized some "dead minutes" on on different days, between christmas and this weekend. The reason could be many active useres at the same time. In Germany we had very nice weather the last two weeks - geocaching weather wink

answered Jan 6 by Onkel Benny (2,340 points)
+1 vote

This has nothing to do with Project-GC. Project-GC is separate website from (only using their data) run by different people.

If you have problems with the website, I would recommend you to start a thread on groundspeak forums or contact groundspeak support directly (not sure how) if you believe it is an error on their side.

answered Jan 6 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
I understand that this is a problem of gc, I was hoping to find other affected people here who have the same problem. and that's the case and the answer came very quickly. I try it out, let's see if it works - that was my goal ;-D
The point here is GC do have their own forums where this question could easily have been asked and probably answered just as quickly - this forum should just be for PGC issues only