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Hi there,

I own some (two) challenge caches where the cacher has to prove, that he found caches in a sequence of counties (of germany) that touches each other.

One challenge (Nord-Süd-Gefälle GC51VQV) needs to find Caches in continuously counties from north (Danmark) to south (Austria od Switzerland, the other (Ost-West-Verhandlungen GC51VQW) needs the show founds in a continuously row of counties from east (Poland or Czech) to west (netherland, France, Belgium oer Luxembourg).

Ok, the maps works fine, but is there a possibility to prove the condition with a checker???

Thanks for hInts and tips...

Greetings from Halstenbek/Hamburg/Germany


in Miscellaneous by Thomas0809 (1.3k points)
edited by Thomas0809
Yes it is not to hard to code if you have one thing: A connection graph of all counties. You can probibly extract one automaticly from osm data but i suspect writing the code that does that is time consumption
If i get a graph with all connection i can code a checker
The table looks like this is 2,3,4 is all connected to each other and 1 only to 2. You only need one connection per pair  it is not necessary to say 2->3 and 3->2

I can can you a list of all german counties of you whant to do it.
One more thins has to be added ant that is a simmualt list with all bordering countries that the checkers needs to use and theris connection to the counties

1 Answer

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by Pihoqahiak (3.7k points)