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+3 votes
Today my stats show that my furthest cache found is 2,242,695.14 miles (3,609,259 km) away! This cache (GC57ZJR) is actually only 1731 miles away and is not the furthest cache found which for me is in Argentina (5124 miles away) and was listed as such yesterday.

Also my closest cache found is not correct anymore. My home coords in settings haven't changed so it seems to be a bug elsewhere? Anyone else seeing this?
in Bug reports by Mike Fitz (5.0k points)
That is a funny bug indeed. There is no place 3.6 million km from earth I'm afraid...

So this morning it seems a little better but still not right. My nearest cache is now correct but my furthest cache found has changed to a different cache (GCYM06) which is shown as 9,513.14 miles away in my PGC stats but is actually only 865.1 miles away. It's also not my furthest cache away by a long shot.

4 Answers

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I've got the same problem as of this morning. I don't even qualify for the bronze 'long-distance cacher' badge and it has it listed as diamond.

Furthest cache 93432 km away, which is in space, I'm fairly sure I've never been there.

I checked the GC page for my furthest find, and the co-ords etc have not changed.

Would love a fix for this.

Update for 1/18/20: The bug is no longer affecting my BadgeGen stats and badges, but my furthest find is now listed incorrectly as a different cache, and the distance is still way over what it should be, but by less of a margin than yesterday.

Update for 1/20/20 Bug still happening. no change from the previous update, furthest cache is still an incorrect GC, and the distance is like 7000 ish kms away, when it should be in the double digits.
by Cartoon Cat (280 points)
edited by Cartoon Cat
lol, it is very funny bug
Furthest cache found:    4,839,833.00 km, SUPER SULA DIVING (& FAREWELL TO PINGUINUS), GC1YTHY Iceland
0 votes

Same thing here.

Noticed that I suddenly had an extra diamond badge. The long distance cacher. Normally that should be bronze. When checking the main page of my profile I saw that Furthest found cache was 1,562,788.00 km​.

At first sight it only seems to impact the Long distance cacher badge. The stats for Total Cache-to-cache distance still look normal.

by m4nTiSke (150 points)
0 votes

Have the same funny "problem" and my is furthest cache found 13,898,892.00 km

Hope there is a challenge or badge ? Would be also funny and never been reached again.

Think the good PCG support team will fix this soon. 

I saw that there is a new upperletter 1 with locationless cache excluded. Perhaps something went wrong when implementing this.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
0 votes

Ours is marked as 4,467,772.00 km!

I’m sure it will be back to normal soon, but nice to record how far we went in our dreams last night!

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)