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PGC states not showing on [closed]

0 votes
My PGC states are not showing showing on It was working while I had a trial PGC membership, I have a paid membership now and it has stopped working. I have logged out of both and PGC. I have also re-authicated PGC.
closed with the note: Deepdiggingmole asked enough questions for me to look at the browswer, which is the issue.
asked Jan 21 in Support and help by TeamJLBL (290 points)
closed Jan 21 by TeamJLBL

2 Answers

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Best answer
What time span are you talking - have you just paid membership or was this a while ago ?
I have found this 'particular' feature is always a little behind - but it is just a 'screenshot' of recent stats and something I have never been too worried about - however if you are saying you paid months ago and it hasn't changed in that time it might be an idea to update/edit and re-add the link in your profile and see if that makes any difference
answered Jan 21 by Deepdiggingmole (8,250 points)
selected Jan 21 by TeamJLBL
Thanks for the response. I paid for the membership 2 days ago. I have also updated and copied the link to my geocaching profile since it broke. It also looks like yours is not working on your Geocaching page.
???? Mine is completely up to date on my GC profile page so I am not sure what you are looking at - what figures are you looking at to make you think mine is not working ?
Additionally I have just looked at your stats/profile on both PGC and GC and both show the same - so all does seem to be up to date
When I look at your About page on it is not showing your PGC stats. Is there a way to include a screenshot here or to get a screenshot to you?
+1 vote
I have just checked this in IE and Chrome and it works fine. It is just in Waterfox (variant of Firefox) that it is not working on.
answered Jan 21 by TeamJLBL (290 points)