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Challenges signed (but not logged as found) [closed]

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In the list (as indicated in heading) under the challenges tab - there are symbols to the right

A green circle with a tick,

A red circle with a white line

and a blue circle with a question mark

what is the meaning of these symbols - I suspect the tick is to say I have already completed the checker and qualify - but unsure as to the meaning of the other two

thank you
closed with the note: No need for further discussion
asked Jan 26 in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (7,570 points)
closed Jan 30 by Deepdiggingmole

3 Answers

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green: you has completed the challenge 
red: not completed
blue:  a checker exists, the checker has not run yet for this challenge

without a symbol: Checker cannot check this

answered Jan 26 by micha_de (2,900 points)
edited Jan 26 by micha_de
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With regard to the answer, it doesnt really answer my query

green: Challenge completed ..... completed How ? do you mean the checker has shown that I qualify ? This covers most on my list 

red: not completed..... again , but what? signed, unsigned, not qualified for  ???  Having looked those on my list - I have qualified for some, I have completed the checker on some, I have signed a couple - so this isn't being completely clear as to what this refers to

blue: checker exists, but checker has not run yet  - I have checked these, I only have 3 and one of these does have a checker and it has been used, the other two don't have checkers  ?

my list is displaying 228 caches - it is supposed to be a signed but not yet completed list and I know I have only signed 5 caches that I have not completed - so I am not sure where the other 223 come from or why they are on this list.
I do know I have amended the co-ords on many challenge caches (italicised) as this was for my purpose a way of knowing I have qualified - however this list is in the region of over 1,100 caches.
So I do not know how the caches that are on this list came to be there

The main point here is that the symbols dont seem to have a clearly defined purpose (if they do this is what I am asking) and I am not able to establish from my list which are the ones that I have signed 

answered Jan 26 by Deepdiggingmole (7,570 points)
Please, use the edit function to clarify your questions. This is not answer to the original quesiton. It should be either comment (as it originally was) or edit to the original question.
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This is covered in FAQ. Please, use it before asking questions:

There will be a checkbox in a green circle if you have qualified for the challenge.

A red stop-sign means that you do not qualify for the challenge, at least not the last time Project-GC ran a test.

A blue circle with a question mark in it means that there is a challenge checker, but it hasn't been run on your user yet. You can run the checker yourself to check.

The blue color usually means that the checker is more resource expensive (for example 360 degrees checkers) and therefore is not running automatically for you.

answered Jan 27 by Jakuje (Moderator) (101,630 points)
To be fair the FAQ refer to icons on the mapping - I was referring to the challenge tab list which is not referred to specifically in the FAQ - I am aware they mean the same thing but if I were to research the FAQ about this I may not link the two

but additionally -
On my list :-
There are caches with green ticks where I do not qualify
There are caches with a red stop sign where I do qualify for the challenge and have done so for some considerable time
There are caches with a blue ? which are standard searches and unlikely to be more resource expensive and one without a checker
there are also 24 archived caches that I have no interest in

However my question has been answered - though as a 'caches I have signed list' - it does not tell me anywhere with any icon which are those that I have signed
Yes, it is in the context of the maps, but the icons are the same used throughout the website. If you believe you see a bug, something does not behave as it should, please, open an new issue here where you describe what you see and why do you think it is wrong so somebody can look into that. There are reasons why checkers that worked for you in past do not give you pass just today (calendar, jasmer, change of D/T rating, new missing hidden months, ...). It should really not happen the other way round though.
Just for clarification as this has not been answered - are all the caches on my list there because I have logged a 'note' on those caches at some point ?
These can be qualifying lists (often done when there is no checker)  or similar comments
It is very hard to follow up on all the clarification questions scattered in the comments and it is hard to search for them if somebody will have same question. So please, if you have a new question, start a new one.
Yes, this is the list where you logged your visit using "write note" and the cache is considered a challenge by the project-gc.