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Finds by year placed/Finds to xth for each year charts highlighting wrong year

+1 vote

I notice that there's now Finds by Year Placed and Finds to xth for each year bar charts that show as default over the pie charts.

However, the highlighted value (the value that shows your highest value on bar charts) is incorrect in that it's highlighting the first value in the chart, and not my highest value:

asked Jan 28 in Bug reports by bruzie (1,040 points)
I concur, same with my lists - this isnt just an isolated error

2 Answers

+4 votes
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Recently rewrote those two modules. Before they were only pie-charts. Now it defaults to a table, but can be toggled to a Pie chart.

The problem with the Pie chart is for those who has been caching a lot, it becomes unreadable.

When rewriting it, I wrote a bit of code that was a bit too smart and unreadable, and I failed to notice that it delivered the wrong year, but correct count, for best month/day.

It has now been corrected in the development-environment.
answered Jan 29 by magma1447 (Admin) (219,030 points)
selected Jan 29 by bruzie
0 votes

Is it going to take some time for the bug to disappear? Ours was still incorrect today, 30 January. 

answered Jan 30 by GCZ Team (19,220 points)
As magma1447 wrote: It has now been corrected in the development-environment.

Means at least the tests and then the productive golive is missing.
So it can take a few more days.

I can wait - no problem
Us too. We can wait!
I see it on my stats now, but I assume it may not be there for everyone yet (at least until they get regenerated).
Ours is correct now, too.