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falsche zahlen in der statistik/ wrong numbers in the statistics

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Guten Morgen/Good Morning,

einige Probleme in der Statistik / some problems 

1. D/T Wiederholer 56,97 ich habe aber 56,98 / Repeater 56.97 but I have 56.98

2. Tage gecacht / days gecacht 3403 ich habe aber 3516 Tage / but i have 3516

3. längste Strähne 1772 Tage ich habe aber 3485 Tage / longest streak 1772 days but I have 3485 days

Ausserdem finde ich die Steigerungen bei den Badges teilweise übertrieben als Beispiel 800 Funde an einem Tag, Diamant Multis zu hoch, head in the clouds 4500m ist in Europa nicht zu schaffen. Hier muss etwas geändert werden. Ich bin immerhin zahlendes Mitglied und ich überlege mir wirklich ob ich das weiter hin mache / In addition, I find the increases in badges partially exaggerated as an example 800 finds in one day, diamond multinationals too high, head in the clouds 4500m cannot be achieved in Europe. Something has to be changed here. After all, I am a paying member and I'm really considering whether I will continue to do so.

Ich hoffe bald von euch zu hören / I hope to hear from you soon.

Many greetings

Dirk / derek78

asked Jan 29 in Support and help by derek78 (160 points)

3 Answers

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Hello derek,

thank you for reporting the issues.

Your Head-In clouds is obviously a cache you logged in Colorado (GC15B77) as visible on the profile stats.

Your stats show that you really have a find in each of the days since 2010. If it is not true, please, clarify some day when you believe you do not have a find so we can investigate further.

Not sure what you mean about the 0.01 difference in the D/T Repeater (The Matrix Cacher badge?) or where you see this number and where you see the number you are comparing it to.

answered Jan 29 by Jakuje (Moderator) (101,630 points)
Hello Jakuje,

Longest Streak 3485 consecutive days with finds from 15/07/2010 to 28/01/2020
My Profil by geocaching!

D/T Matrix two combinations are missing for the next level 57, D1T5 & D4T5. (56,98%)
When i look statistiken/the best D-T repeaters  i see 56,97% then three combinations are still missing!

There must be a mistake

thx for your help
Today, I see 3485 as expected in your profile stats on PGC.

For the percents, I think this is caused by the rounding and truncating the calculated values. 2 of 81 is 2.46 %, while 79 of 81 is 97.53 %. Making the whole percents is hard so either there should be better scale and precision or it should be fixed in both places to do the same correct rounding.
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I see on your PGC stats page - longest streak 3485 days same as GC page

The number you are referring to for the Repeater is from the top DT loopers table - I think you'll find 56.97 on the DT loop / repeater stats that means 2 away not 3 - so that is also correct (56.98 means 1 away) I dont think they are rounded up 

Also there are 2 caches in Europe above 4500m


answered Jan 29 by Deepdiggingmole (7,570 points)
edited Jan 29 by Deepdiggingmole
I am 3 away from my 12th loop - this is shown as 11.96
If you were 3 away from your 57th loop this would show as 56.96
Your stats are correct
look Longest strand Support Cacher with most consecutive days with find.
Start 2010 - 07 -15  #14 pices 1775 Days
Ah - top streaks table - not in your stats - though not sure what filter you have used to get #14 - however it does show 1772 which is different to you stats streak
I can't see any finds for you on 22/05/2015 or 23/05/2015. Your finds list on jumps from Der Namenlose on 21/05/2015 to Total Simpel on 24/05/2015. This would probably be why you seem lower on the longest streak list.

Did you use lab caches for those two days?
–1 vote
My stats for total caches found is wrong on the "Top finders" listing. The stats list shows about 80 lees than my total finds. The total finds on my profile stats is correct
answered Feb 1 by ChrisDen (4,040 points)
Hi ChrisDen,

have you've seen that this is your amount of labcaches?
Think the labaches are not counted in the Top finders listing.
Did not notice that.