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+1 vote
I only paid for this service as I understood they would be included in my streak numbers otherwise I would not have bothered.
in Support and help by jabawokee (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Go to the statistic page:

Expand the Settings-Tab above the statistic table
Select "Include lab cache finds where applicable (for paying members only)"
Wait for the next statistic-generation job (1 Day)

I think "where applicable" means, that in some cases lab caches are not included.
There where some other questions about missing single labs in the forum in the past.

by Onkel Benny (3.6k points)
I think that's the solution indeed. I'm a PGC-member as well (not only for the LabCaches, there are a lot of great features on this site!), and Labs are included in my streak, so no problem there.
Hello there. I see your message from a fair while ago. I also see my lab caches on my profile stats but not on the "top caching streaks" section. Can you also see your there?