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+15 votes
Edit: just to add... I like the new badges and extra add-ons (times round, FTF, etc)... but just use the original designs (and just design the new ones using the original kind of format).
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in Miscellaneous by Boomshanka (340 points)
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I agree! The old designs were great! These new ones are so bland! Please give us og BadgeGen. I'd even consider getting a paid membership.
You are right. The new design looks like a small child play with graphic designer on PC. All the beauty of the old design is out.
Agree. The new design is very unsightly :-(( I liked the old one...
Totally agree. It was a great idea to introduce new badges but their design is just awful! Really, a good way do discourage people from caring about them.
I di not like the new badges, so smple!!
Absolutely agree! Some new extras and categories of badges - OK, the world is changing :-) BUT why must be all of badges new and so ugly :-(((
I will lock this thread. It's not because it's disliked, quite the opposite, it has really had a purpose. But new graphics was released today, and we created a new thread to easier distinguish the feedback.
New thread:
I agree, I like the badge add-ons eg: FTF and feb 29th but like the look of the old badges.

30 Answers

+1 vote

I like them more and more.

Shure I would like the diamond colour not light blue and some icons are not so good looking or easy to understand.

But with the subbadges, and the numbers higher than 9 and the new badges, I become more friendly with the new badges.

Perhaps try to change the background colour.

Perhaps you can ask here in the forum for suggestions or even a vorting which colours are beeing liked.

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
+1 vote

I'm trying to figure out, why I don't like the new badge icons as much as the old ones.

Maybe it's because I was so used to the old one and this a big change.
Or maybe it's because they all look kind-of the same and it's hard to quickly differentiate between different badges and level.
The silver one looks like it's grey-out.

What I know for sure is that I don't like the way this change was implemented.
The community should have been given some kind of head-up before the roll-out or at least have an option to opt-out and use the old badges at least until the new ones are out of BETA.

by Camelopardalis (490 points)
Thanks for the honest feedback on what you don't like and why.

Regarding the way:
PGC does almost all their announcements on facebook. As it is, there was a link for 2 months which led to the new design.
I know, not everyone is on FB, but there was some pre-release communication.

There was also a change in code to implement all the new features, which don't work with the old badges.

Right now, I'm working on redesigning the badges. But since I do this in my spare time, it just takes a little time.
I don't get why announcements are made through another platform altogether, when there's a perfectly functional announcement method through PGC which would get the message to all regular users of the site.

I'm not about to rejoin FB after the reasons I quit nearly a decade ago.
0 votes
Totally agree, bring back the old ones, the new ones are just awful! Thumb me down for me.... Old badges were more beautiful.
by TRONIK71 (190 points)
Totally agree, bring back the old ones, the new ones are just awful!. :(
0 votes
The only thing i don't like on the new badges, besides of the graphic, is, that you now need 12 for the highest "diverse cacher".

I have 11 and therefore on the old system the highest badge... and now...?

Maybe you can change it back to 10 or maybe 11?

But in general, i like the new badges, like the all-around cacher or the attribute/jasmer badge, and the add-ons of course.
by capsai (890 points)
Thank you.

Regarding the numbers: It might be (in any case) that some will be "downgraded". I myself have done 10 icons/day, so I'm downgraded by 2 at the moment.

Changing anything will cause "trouble" in any case. Even lowering limits results in complaints from people who "have worked hard to get this, and now anyboday can reach it".

The whole system is designed to be a (personal) challenge, and Diamond levels should not too easy to reach (exceptions apply).
We will talk about it, but I can't promise you anything.
I have 10 too and lost Diamond level (Sapphire now). But I think this step was good, because more types are coming and it will be easy to make 12 or more at the beginning of May. Imho 12 is just optimal.
Because certain cache types have been discontinued, I believe 12 is unattainable by most and the badge diamond level should not be set to anything higher than 11.  I lost my diamond status and now have emerald.  In order for me to see diamond again, I must purchase a membership to Project-GC so it will add the lab cache type I earned that day.  Unfortunately, I can't afford to justify that expense at the moment.  Personally, I disagree with the requirement that I must pay for a membership, but I am not the owner.  It is what it is.
0 votes
I like the new badges style, especially the little sub-badge information. Re the new badge awards, this is just bringing PGC up to date - the official badgegen has had them for a while. However I do not know the reason for the graphics change, especially given that PGC is maintaining alignment with BG.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)
0 votes

Old badges were more beautiful.

by hpwerner59 (160 points)
–2 votes
I don't like the new badges either. I have removed the statistics from my profile.
by Grümscheler (1.3k points)
Me too. What do you think about to the sketches from Wæki3_KL6  (3 posts above)?

They are a good and very constructive compromise between the old and new badges I think. In fact, there are people who like or even need more optical contrast (and colored symbols).

In respond to my (non???)-constructive post I'll again suggest a config-option for the users - but that's not acceptable for a designer of course.

Maybe I'll get into GSAKs Script - but badges never was that important to me. Geocaching isn't about statistics, it's about quality and fun.
Every longterm cacher / volunteer reviewer i meet confirms that to me. Especially when it comes to falling found- or cache-numbers in the past years. But of course, this is not a topic of this design discussion with the title "Can we have the original BadGen back please"...

So bye bye badges ;-)
I'm currently redesigning the badges and icons, taking the feedback into account.
The next ones will look a lot different.

I'm not a full-time designer, I have a day job, a family, so it takes a little time to do the reworking.
Thank you for the effort, time, and care to bring us new designs.  I suspect that all of your time is volunteer just like the Reviewers and I totally respect that.  Also, I am glad to see Kyle is back and providing feedback. Thank you Kyle for the wonderful original designs.  

I do recommend using the suggestions for background design offered by Wæki3_KL6.  They are stunning and will most likely bring a lot of praise instead of criticism.  Of course, subject to copyright, I realize you may be limited.  Also, color inside the icons or even shading would be very nice.

I admit, it took me a little bit of time to get over the changes, but I am getting used to it now.  I would encourage looping limits on some because it just encourages the rampant stacking/cheating that is already plaguing the game. Be careful not to change achievement limits/levels too much.  Sure, there were some glaring inconsistencies in the old design and I believe those have been corrected.

To all who are posting negative opinions that do not provide an explanation, please STOP. Saying things like you will never get used to something or I am leaving, does nothing to help.  To be honest you are cluttering up this post with utter nonsense making it difficult to read the useful information.  The best constructive criticism helps to point out the problem and then offers a solution.
Hi TigreToot,
thanks for the feedback. Please visit the current thread on the BadgeGen_v4.0.c update:

We have taken the gem cut/medal shape concept but, as I explained in the other thread, opted against too realistic gems and medals.
The icon would have looked very flat on them, this is why we chose more "drawn" gems and medals.
Color has also been added to the icons, shading is something that will at least be tried. It has to work for all icons though.
OK, thank you for the explanation and I understand.  Awesome work on the badges.
–2 votes
Where are old BadgeGen? Is there any posibilities to switch new to old like on the geocaching page?

Old BadgeGen are much better. I do not like new one!
by N.o.e. (140 points)
magma1447 replied in a comment above:

The old BadgeGen is still technically available. Currently, anyone who has a paid membership can add the url parameter bgv3 when viewing Profile stats to see their old Badges. Example:

If it becomes a popular request, we could very well make it available as a standard for those users who wants it. However!

They won't be able to access any of the new features/changes made.
At some point we will lose interest to maintain old code, the fewer that uses them, the sooner we would stop maintaining it.
–4 votes
The new Icons are horrible - a downgrade.

Please rerturn to the old ones.

by The4Hasards (3.2k points)
–4 votes
Totally agree. These new badges look very ugly in comparison to the old ones. And no, I will not get used to them. Sorry.
I just deleted them from my profile.
by JoxM (120 points)
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