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+20 votes
There is a new badge called The All Around Cacher. Is any tool on Project-GC to find out what degree-sector I'm missing?
closed with the note: There is new tool.
in Support and help by hynous (3.1k points)
closed by hynous
Please post information about mentioned tool or link to this thread after releasing.
I could have sworn, that there used by be a graphic in the "finds" tab of the profile stats - it wasn't a real tool, but gave you at least some hints. But it's not there (anymore?) and I start doubting my memory.

4 Answers

+21 votes
There is no such tool right now, but there will be.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
Yeah, it would be great to add it. Including filter for multiple loops. Thank you for your reply.
I agree hynous. I hope the tool will come very soon. @pinkunicorn: Any idea when the tool will be available?
Any update on when this tool will be available please?

I realise this probably won’t be a straightforward thing to complete, but the reason for my request is that there is a leap day add-on for 360 degrees, and those of us who only have Macs can’t use GSAK as described below.
I don't have a date, but I would expect a reasonable unit for the wait time to be weeks.
Thanks (answer too short so insert flannel here)
That will be an absolutely AWESOME tool.
+3 votes

Just found the (new) tool:

it shows the fulfilled and missing degrees: A tool to assist with the The All Around Cacher badge. All bearings are calculated using a Spherical bearing algorithm.

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Thank you for the link and reply.
It requires a paid membership.
+1 vote
See Tools > Map based > 360 from home.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.1k points)
Woooaaaooo, this is fast for the implementation. Thanks for posting
–2 votes

Presumably this tool just needs to be customized to home coordinate instead of cache coordinate?

by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
If you are familiar with GZAK there is an available macro.
Please specify this macro, thank you
We need a new tool, not a challenge checker. This answer is not helpful like the previous one.
I think you are missing the point.
If you bothered to check the above link you would see that it checks which of particular degree intervals you have covered with your finds with regards to an origin coordinate (which in this case happens to be the challenge cache coordinates). Substitute cache coordinates with home coordinates and you will get a visualisation of which angles you have covered and which you are still missing. Surely that is a step above "you have covered n of 360 angles" ?
So where do you change the coords in that checker... looks like it’s just the Denmark version of the checker...
If you know please pass it on, thanks
Matt - If you use the 360DegreeChallenge macro on GSAK it does it from your home co-ords - though you can select GSAK centre point - which is adjustable, so you select a cache on your list and use that as centre  
Interestingly - my badge on PGC states I have 2 completed 360 degrees and 1 missing from a 3rd loop
I ran the macro above using home and it states I have 1 missing - both have same 'home' co-ords - so not sure what prog PGC are using to give a different result
PGC badge: 6 missing
GSAK with macro: 8 missing
GeoGet with addon: 12 missing
Oh and you can't change the co-ords in the checker above - it is just for Denmark - I think the comment above didn't appreciate the checker was specific to that challenge and not an adjustable one - though maybe suggesting that a checker could be created with an adjustable origin such as home, but not available at the moment
The checkers used by PGC are also country specific - the Denmark one above is just for caches found in Denmark - the macro I mentioned above covers world wide :-)

The GSAK macro calculates against the corrected coordinates and not the original coordinates, if that's what you've got in your finds DB, which can explain the discrepancy.

For example, when I run the macro I have a find at 190degrees which is the final of a multi, but the posted coordinates are at 192degrees.

To be able to properly use the macro to check against the All Around Cacher Badge you will need to manually add a waypoint set to your home location - it doesn't have to be in your Found DB, you can create a blank DB with your home waypoint added. The macro simply uses whatever waypoint you happen to have selected (used for checking against challenge caches where the 360 is around the cache location)
Great! Many thanks! 6 missing degrees calculated and GPX files with candidates exported.
Once you had worked out what degrees you had missing - what tool did you use to work out the candidates for the missing ones ?
GSAK with 360Degrees macro (by above instructions from bruzie)
If I use the GSAK-Makro I should enter a not-found-database. This should be a database with all caches, that I didn´t find until now? Must be millions! How is this possible?
Use the Get Geocaches function in GSAK to get caches in a circle around a point ( - either create your home location or use your nearest cache (this isn't for the 360, just getting your nearest unfound caches). Add your name on Page 2 "Not found by" to get your not found caches, and add additional features if required.
Thank you, works well
Thanks bruzie.
Hope it will work. Just did the 360degree within gsak and it found 4 Missing. PCG has only 2 missing degrees. But I will search the shown 8 caches within my 20km radius and than check PCG again. Funny - I do not have a cache in 282 degrees within 20km and 1500 caches. So I have to rund get caches with 5000 caches and 50km (maximum) again.
The difference will be because PCG will be looking at the posted coordinates of a cache but GSAK will be using the corrected coordinates if you have them loaded on

By default, when you load caches from a PQ (i.e. your Finds query), it doesn't indicate whether the coordinates for a cache are the original or your corrected coordinates. Use access > Refresh cache data... in GSAK to update your found caches. This will update the Corrected Coordinates flag and you can see the original if you go to Waypoint > Corrected Coordinates.

However the 360degree macro will still run against the corrected coordinates.
None of this matters until we can find out what Project-GC is using as a center point.  It is not my house as I am missing more degrees if ran from home coordinates.  Home reports I am missing 13 degrees.  Project-GC reports I am missing 7 degrees.