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But what's the 1 degree? 2 degrees? 3 degrees? [closed]

0 votes

Ok - the new beta badge says I have 359 of 360 degrees.  Is there anyway I can find out what the missing degree is?

related to an answer for: The All Around Cacher
closed as a duplicate of: The All Around Cacher badge tool
asked Feb 4 in Miscellaneous by gcstraggler (130 points)
closed Feb 4 by Jakuje (Moderator)

1 Answer

0 votes

I already asked the same question at:

There is no tool yet, but it will be.

answered Feb 4 by hynous (3,000 points)
Just FYI - I did find a GSAK macro showing my segments. Presumably it should match.   But (yuck) currently there are no active caches in my missing segment (189).  Oh well.