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How do we find which degrees we're missing for the new 360 degrees badge [closed]

0 votes
closed as a duplicate of: The All Around Cacher badge tool
asked Feb 7 in Miscellaneous by UTtoTX (190 points)
closed Feb 7 by Jakuje (Moderator)
Please, use search or at least skim through the last questions before asking new one. This was asked at least three times during last week.
Just found the (new) tool:

it shows the fulfilled and missing degrees: A tool to assist with the The All Around Cacher badge. All bearings are calculated using a Spherical bearing algorithm.

1 Answer

0 votes
Actually    there is no checker for this.

As a moderator already mentioned. There will be a way to find the missing degrees.

Would recommend to check that you have filled in you home coordinates correctly within PCG.

So I think we have to wait a little bit.
answered Feb 7 by supertwinfan (14,210 points)