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My badgegen page has not updated yet

0 votes
My badges on badgered have not updated to the newest version. Even though my stats updated today and I lost one gemstone, change in quals? I have tried refreshing several times. BTW nonpaying member. Help?
asked Feb 14 in Support and help by jcoxy (140 points)
To provide context, I use Chrome.  If you are using Chrome, try holding down the Shift + Reload-this-page (the little circular icon to the left of the address bar) simultaneously.  This has worked consistently for me.

2 Answers

0 votes
Hi jcoxy.  Try a hard refresh in your browser by pressing the Alt key and the F5 key simultaneously.  That worked for me yesterday.
answered Feb 14 by TerraViators (7,650 points)
edited Feb 14 by TerraViators
sorry typing my answer at the same time as you - then had to edit and saw we put the same thing
0 votes
I did the refresh Alt F5 yesterday and that worked for me :-)

mind you,  I am a paying member so not sure if that reflects a delay in your account
answered Feb 14 by Deepdiggingmole (6,630 points)