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Is there a reason the Cache Owner badge doesn't have 29 FEB and 366 addons?

+1 vote
I just noticed on the wiki that the Cache Owner badge doesn't have 29 FEB and 366 addons. Is there a reason for this? It could give those addons for caches placed on those dates.

The Event Host does have those addons, and I think it's weird that one of those badges does and the other doesn't.
asked Feb 18 in Feature requests by Sirusc (130 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Not sure if this is the reason - but logically events can be claimed/found by the host, other owned caches can't
answered Feb 19 by Deepdiggingmole (7,570 points)
0 votes
One possible reason (I don't know either) would be that an event MUST be held on the date specified, whereas a hidden cache can have its hidden date set to whenever the CO chooses. For example, there have been several caches hidden with hidden dates listed as being before geocaching started (they seem to have stopped that though). Therefore someone who wanted the addons would just have to set their hidden dates to the dates they need, rather than when they actually hid the caches.
answered Feb 19 by sumbloke (Expert) (32,320 points)
+1 vote
Another reason for the lack of the 366 addon may be to encourage quality rather than quantity, and discourage people from placing 366 poor caches. See the comment on loops at
answered Feb 20 by Optimist on the run (Expert) (17,660 points)
Quality over quantity is definitely the reason.

It can then be discussed if it's reasonable to have such addons for Event host. But we don't expect the same side-effects there. The line must be drawn somewhere.
How about having the 366 addon for owned caches be based found it logs instead?

So once your caches havebeen found on all 366 days, you get the addon.

While I realise you have little control over getting it, it's more realistic to get than some of the leapday addons. :)