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Very nice upgrade - very pleased - what is your favorite badge?

+9 votes
Now that I have updated using Shift + Reload, I am very impressed with the results.  This is exquisite work. Specifically, the colors are vibrant, the new badges and add-ons really enhance the entire concept.  Most of all, I am very grateful that you listened to the community feedback. Thank you to the entire team involved with upgrading the badges.  Very nice!
asked Feb 22 in Miscellaneous by TigreToot (9,260 points)
edited Feb 25 by TigreToot
I agree.  I'm very impressed.

I agree too, very nice smiley

My favorite badge is the Diverse Cacher, what is yours?

2 Answers

+1 vote
Our favourite badge is the Event Host. We really enjoy organising events of all kinds!
answered Mar 18 by GCZ Team (19,040 points)
Thank you for your answer.
+2 votes
Best answer
A lot of great work has gone into this upgrade. I know not everyone is happy, but see it as far more positives than any negatives.

The badge I'm most proud of, even though I'm only Ruby at this stage, is the Favourited Owner as that represents how my caches have been received by my fellow cachers.

I also like the Diverse Cacher and Adventurous Cacher badges for their graphics.
answered Mar 20 by TwigNZ (3,160 points)
selected Apr 25 by TigreToot
Nice answer and thank you for the response. OK, you get the 500 point prize of best answer.  Wow, I didn't know that giving out a best answer also gives me a 100 point bonus.  Awesome!
Wow, I didn't know that either! Thank you very much for both the points and the information. Hope you are keeping safe during these troubled times, and we can all look forward to getting back into caching as soon as possible :)