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Project-GC tampermonkey userscript broken

+1 vote

Project-GC provides, and presumably supports a tampermonkey userscript "to cleanup" the delivered webpages. Among the functions is a feature to render the personal cache notes in a monospaced font (the reasons for doing so should be obvious, unfortunately not to Groundspeak though). At least since April 2019, all released versions of this script are broken in a way that the wrong DOM class is being referenced. I have reported the issue for versions 2.2.{5,6,7} as a bug on Greasy Fork. There was never any response from whoever really maintains that script. So the question is: Is this script still supported? Somehow it is, at least somebody increases the version number on a regular basis.

PS: the class to be referenced is: #viewCacheNote

asked Feb 23 in Bug reports by hxdimpf (290 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
We are primarily supporting the server-side parts, then the script itself is open source. It happens that we do fixes with the script, but it's not always our highest priority. To elaborate - In general, it might take us quite some time to discover these issues, and then we might not have the time to fix it right away.

You have however reported it, with a workaround, which is superb. But it seems that we are not getting any notifications on the feedback made at Greasyfork. The script itself is maintained at GitHub ( We are getting notified with issues raised there, and we also try to review and prioritize them.

If you wish, you are free to make a pull request at GitHub and we will accept it into master and make a new release. Otherwise we will look into it in the near future.

Don't read the following as criticism, just as information. I really realize that you have tried your best to help, and we are grateful for that. It's awesome that you figured out the issue and provided a short fix. does hint on that the script itself is open source, and that we welcome updates/patches.
answered Feb 23 by magma1447 (Admin) (216,700 points)
I've updated the script and added a pull request:
Thanks. I will take care of it during the day (probably soon).