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Why is The Attributes Cacher not tallying properly in the Current column? [closed]

0 votes
Checking my statistics under Finds, I notice I have collected 102 attributes and yet when I look at the Badge Information page it only shows 100 under Current?  Can someone explain why this is?
closed with the note: Question answered.
asked Feb 23 in Miscellaneous by TigreToot (5,590 points)
closed Mar 30 by TigreToot

1 Answer

+4 votes
Best answer
The Needs Maintenance attribute doesn't count since it's not an attribute that a cache should have. Then, the three attributes GeoTour, Partnership cache and Lost & Found tour are handled separately. They can only be added to caches under very special circumstances and are very rare so they are not included in the count. Instead you will get addons on your Attribute badge if you have logged caches with them.
answered Feb 23 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (145,310 points)
selected Feb 26 by TigreToot
OK, thank you for the prompt answer.