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+2 votes
Ever since I discovered Project-GC and saw the BadgeGen tab, I was intrigued and became addicted.  Then I saw the belts and thought that was really cool.  Will the belts undergo any changes or upgrades once the badges are moved out of BETA?
in Miscellaneous by TigreToot (26.6k points)
I swear I recall seeing something a while back about possibly balancing the levels once the badge redesign is finalised, but I cant find it now to save myself.....

1 Answer

+9 votes
Best answer
After the badges we are working on now we will look into udpating the Country/State badges. First after that the belts will be considered. But we honestly don't have a single idea of how to evolve that. Neither the point system itself or the graphics. It might be that it will be left as is.

My personal viewpoint is that the belts was much more interesting in the start as a Geocacher, because it was easier to level. After receiving a quite high belt-level the badges started to become more and more interesting.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
selected by TigreToot
I love the badges and the wonderful updates.  Hopefully down the road, once the badges move out of BETA, you can focus on the belts.

Hopefully Kyle Mills will be willing to provide the metrics that defined the levels. Obviously, with all the new badges added, there will be a need to update and add new belt objectives.  I look forward to seeing what transpires.
Another issue with the belt is that is is finite: if you reach the highest level, you can not go up anymore. With the Badges, there is always some kind of challenge left, even after you have found thousands of caches.
I agree and that's why I hope they look into it and expand the levels.
Actually, the belt is infinite.  For example, a player gains a point for every 100 geocaches logged.
Agreed but the belt award itself is capped.  That's what I was hoping would be reworked.