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+11 votes

There are a lot of questions that new person to PGC BadgeGen might ask, like Why is my addon not showing? (because that badge is not at gem level yet). Rather than continuously answering the same questions in the Community Support, let's provide some self help.

Could we have a link to the BadgeGen wiki added to the BadgeGen page please?

in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)
Yes, please :D
I agree that would be very helpful.
Fantastic idea.  I adore effective efficiency.
No, it should link to the whole badgegen wiki

I believe this is the comprehensive article

Yes, it is but adding it here does not add it to the badgen page.
So, you would punish me for trying to be helpful by down voting?  That was not necessary.  The only reason I added it there was to clarify not to mislead.

It is my understanding that forums, in their truest form, pass along useful information.  Currently, the link isn't available on the BadgGen page, and until that time, the link is made available to people who can't find it.  BTW, it took me days to finally find it reading through thread after thread.  Very frustrating to say the least.
Clarifications and questions are not answers, but comments, where they are more helpful. Do not take it as a punishment, but opportunity to learn. If everyone will be posting questions and comments in answers, this QA would not be helpful for anyone.
OK, I converted to a comment.
As the new BadgeGen are new to all of us a link would be a good idea. But I dont`t think it should be at the BadeGen site. What about the blue corner to right: Welcome to Project-GC Q&A. Ask questions and get answers from other ....

Just for a shot time like: We've reimplemented the BadgeGen tab. Please check at

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