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I frequently will add thousands of caches that meet a criteria to virtual GPS. One of the very first things I do ionce I have added caches s to then run filters for things I dont want, like disabled caches or 5 terrain or looking at the latest logs and deleting anything with 2 or more consecutive DNFs etc. It would be great if I could check or uncheck an entire sub-filter with one click. Currently I might have to click 50-75 times just to remove undesirable caches...

Does this functionality exist and I just dont know how to do it?
in Feature requests by diorex (600 points)
Most of the tools support Custom filters, which you can define after clicking on your name on the top right. But I am not sure if it supports all the features you would need.

Ref my earlier post about copy vGPS, so as to merge or a vGPS. Your idea of a filter is better, though harder to implement.

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