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As a Jasmer cacher (I had a double Jasmer before, and I must work a bit to have it back) I have two suggestions for add-ons to this badge. Now it can only be looped, technically up to 9 times, in practice the limit is 4 because of August 2000. And it has no micro-badges. The Jasmer hunters have two additional goals for this challenge, ones that can be rewarded with add-ons to the diamond Jasmer:

  • Physical Jasmer - Jasmer challenge done only by finding physical geocaches: traditional, multi, letterbox, mystery, HQ, APE, wherigo. So: no events, virtuals etc.

  • Jasmer Pyramid - this is tricky. It requires a player to find: one cache places in each month of 2000 and the current year (now 2020), two caches placed in each month of 2001 and the previous year (so 2019 now), three caches placed in each month of 2002 and two years ago, etc. So in 2020 the requirement is: 2000:1, 2001:2, 2002:3, 2003:4, 2004:5, 2005:6, 2007:8, 2008:9, 2009:10, 2010:11, 2011:10, 1012:9, 2013:8, 2014:7, 2015:6, 2016:5, 2017:4, 2018:3, 2019:2, 2020:1. In 2021 the requirement for 2011-2020 will grow by one (so both 2010 and 2011 will require 11) and of course the new year will be added.

in Feature requests by Murazor (330 points)
I'm not sure how eliminating Virtual caches can achieve a Jasmer loop let alone for an add-on.  I'm working toward my very first Jasmer loop and if it were not for the older Virtual caches I wouldn't have a chance in completing it.

The pyramid idea is interesting but doesn't seem practical to implement.  As time goes by, the pyramid point has to keep adjusting so everyone who earned the add-on will keep losing it and then have to re-earn it.

It's hard enough to keep the earliest months caches from being archived (8/2000-there is only 3 left in the US) when that happens Jasmer will become impossible to complete.
I am quite close to a double physical Jasmer, so it is possible. In fact even a quad physical Jasmer is achievable! ;) And, yep, it is a kind of an ultimate challenge.
@TigreToot: please keep in mind, there might be cachers who are caching for a long time and already have found physical caches that are old enough.
If you downvote, please, try to clarify your reasoning in the comments. The votes are anonymous, but without any specification, they are not helpful nor constructive.
@clappy: yes, that is true.  I was thinking more along the lines of how will those suggestions evolve over time and didn't consider that there are people out there who have already achieved multiple Jasmer loops.  Those entering the game today and in the future will find it increasingly difficult to complete it as more and more of the oldies get archived.

@Jakuje: thanks for the tutorial on down-voting. Learning forum protocols takes time and with me it's a matter of trial and error.

1 Answer

+2 votes
Sounds interesting. At the moment we don't have any plans for Jasmer addons, but I will add your suggestions to our "ideas list".

The pyramid might be easier to implement, although you have be constantly working on it (such as the Jasmer itself). With increasing time it gets harder, though. At some point there might be to few caches for the middle years?

We would have to look into the numbers for the physical one.

I can't promise you anything, but we will consider it.
by clappy (15.3k points)
Probably for the years 2010+ there will be enough geocaches active for decades... The really hard to get years are 2000 to 2005 and they won’t grow in the pyramid any more.
You are right, did not think it through.
As I said, interesting thing, although right now we focus on getting the Jasmer icon nicer and then Countries are next.
But future AddOns are possible. :)