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+4 votes
I like the new style of the Badges very much!

Do you think about redesigning the Country Badges in the same style?

What's with AddOns for Country Badges (e.g. 81, 366, 29, FTF, ...)?
in Feature requests by Maxipimpf (710 points)
edited by Maxipimpf
I'm missing the country badges in the "Badge-Information". I think they were there in BadgeGen 3.xx...
Country badges have never been in the badge information table (that I can recall). Hover text is the only way to view the details.

Adding them to the table might be a good idea, but only below the fixed badges.
For what it's worth, I like the current flag theme.  Perhaps an expansion on that.

7 Answers

+10 votes
We'll look into updating the country badges once the normal badges are a bit more "set". Feel free, however, to use this thread to brainstorm possible new ideas for the country badges.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
+8 votes

Yes, country badges are more or less next on my list, after we have cleaned up the file a bit and fixed the font issues.

We also plan to award AddOns, though we have not yet decided which ones exactly. That being saind, feel free to mention ideas here, although I cannot promise you anything. :) And we will be limited to maximum 6 slots.

Current ideas:

  • FTF
  • 81 Matrix
  • All "counties" (while Badge level is determined by percentage of "states")
  • LeapDay
by clappy (16.3k points)
That would be great :-)!
I would also appreciate an "All County" addon.
Especially because it is more related to the country badges and you have a special challenge to do more geocaching in a particular state.
Can AddOns have levels too? For the county AddOn it would be nice if it would follow the same percentages as it does for the Badge level
We have discussed the option of leveling AddOns very early also for the regular badges.

At the moment we will not provide levelling AddOns. They are switched on once fulfilled and switched off otherwise.

We want to move out of BETA with a stable system before thinking of adding completely new features.
+6 votes

Some ideas for AddOns:

  • FTF
  • Matrix 81
  • Matrix 366
  • Leap day
  • One AddOn per cache type or another way to see, which cache types you have found in this country

Possibly a detailed statistic per country when you click on the badge (statistics only related to this country)...

by Maxipimpf (710 points)
I like the idea of addons for country badges, but I would prefer to keep them as the same addons used for the main badge set. Also, badges for per cache type would clutter the country badge - I think it would be too much.

My preference for a country badge is exactly what there is now - the new style badges with flag, and possibly what addons as currently exist (although I would be fine without that). Would be nice to have the ribbon with country name, however some country names are too long and this may not be practical.

No to detailed statistics. This is an awards page, not a stats page.
I have answered our current ideas, too.
We only have 6 slots available, so cache types is too much.

But there could be another tool to figure out cache types and D/T combinations per country.
That sounds very cool :-))!!!
+5 votes
As per clappy’s request for suggestions:

We think Geotour and FTF would be great add-ons for country badges.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
FTF will be there, Geotour is indeed an option. I'll put it on the list of things we consider and discuss.
+5 votes
An addon with the number of CacheTypes found in each country would be nice (if possible)! The others mentioned here already sound cool too (although the 'counties' is not necessary for me).
by CaracalShan (2.1k points)
I will add it to the list, it's an interesting one!
0 votes
Some ideas that I think would be good to show at Country badges:


-total number types of found caches (traditional, mystery, multi....)

-total number of found caches
by Lomnice (910 points)
0 votes
I would really like to have the name of the country (i.e. the label) in the official language of that country. I know that this is a huge issue with countries that have several official languages (e.g. Switzerland = Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra) - especially if the ethnics don't go well with each other. Still, it would be nice.
by Stuttguy (280 points)
Since the graphics are already done and we will put them into our test environments in a couple of days:

There will be country names on the ribbon, but all names will be in English.
I thought about using their own names, but it would be too complicated:

1) Some have several official languages (as per your example)
2) Many use a non-Latin alphabet. There would be no benefit to include say kyrillic, arabian, east asian alphabets - I would not be able to spot any mistakes and most people would not be able to get the name from the ribbon, which would render it useless.
3) The ribbons on the main badges are also in English.