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I was just looking through the All Badges page in the wiki, and realized that the Lab Cacher badge is not showing on my profile stats page. Is it broken? Or has it been removed?

in Support and help by brilang (250 points)
After looking at my own profile, I don't see it listed.  The Wiki page still has it listed so I can only assume it's disabled for some reason.

1 Answer

+1 vote
Lab cache stats and the Lab Cacher Badge are only available to paid members of Project-GC I believe.
by Geokid12 (1.2k points)
I am a paid member. Username: brilang if you need to check.
Ah yes my apologies. After a bit of messing around on my own account I found the badge only shows when the "Include lab cache finds where applicable" box is checked under Misc in the settings.
I've been through my settings ( and the Profile Stats Settings ( and I can't find the "Include lab cache finds where applicable" option. Where should I be looking?
Never mind. Found the tiny little arrow at the top that expands to show the settings.
I have added the information about the additional setting to the wiki page.
Finally do you have an asnwer for this badge ? I have the same problem...
@RemiLec: what problem exactly if I may ask?
I am premium, I run 458 Adventure Lab, i don't see the "Badge Lab" on BadgeGen
I've already check on my profil setting...
Here's where I found it 2 years ago
Under the first couple of paragraphs, there's a little right-pointing triangle icon beside the word Settings. Click that to expand the settings. In the new area that displays, look for "Include lab cache finds where applicable Paying members only" and make sure it is checked.
I succeed !!
Thanks for your help. The right-pointing arrow was a real D4 !!