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We are awarded points for using Project-GC in different ways. Like using Project-GC. The more you use Project-GC, the more points you get. Using the Community support system., etc etc.

I saw that I lost nearly 15 points end of 2019 within this Specification of Subscription within my points.

But how does the counting of Subscription work? By time, by year of Subscription?

Thanks for explanation.

in Support and help by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Where you do see you lost points? The points are counted for years so they reset on the end of the year, including the "Active membership" one. I do not know exact numbers, but I assume the points in this buckets are added throughout the year as you have active membership.
One possibility that could explain it is that your email is no longer verified.  I gained 15 points when I verified my email address with PGC.  Check to see if your email is verified under Settings in the drop down menu from your screen name.

Another possibility, I've also noticed that down votes cause point loss.
This is a separate category for points called "Validated email address".
Active membership is a different category than Subscription. I would like to know what Subscription is, or Subscription to what? I do follow P-GC on Facebook and cannot figure out where else I need to be subscribed.
@Jakuje Thanks for another down vote. This is just a suggestion, but perhaps you could lay off the down voting and give people a chance to change an answer to a comment or just hide it.
If you convert the answer to the comment, the votes are removed.
After clicking on my screen name, I notice the down votes are still tallied in my activity summary but I believe you mean that the down vote points drop away from the total PGC points.

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