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Can someone explain why I have this text §OPTOUT:c49eef81§ replacing a cache owners name in my Cache by owner section of PGC stats?

closed with the note: Problem has been resolved and question answered.
in Support and help by TigreToot (26.5k points)
closed by TigreToot
Circling back, this issue in my statistics has resolved.  The person must have reversed the OPTOUT and it is who I thought.

Apparently, when you go into - Settings - Authorizations a user can block access to profile and statistical information generated by the website.

1 Answer

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Best answer
Opt - out - Someone who has chosen to hide their stats.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.1k points)
selected by TigreToot
Well that would explain it but it looks weird.  Thanks for letting me know.
This is not a user who decided to hide their statistics on PGC, but they opted out from sharing any their data with Project-GC on if I am right. Hiding profile statistics just hides profile statistics.
@Jakuje: Yes, I believe you are right.  I am 99% positive I know who it is and when I entered that user name into PGC, his statistics are still available.

To me, it's a strange string of alpha-numeric-symbols information and one would think that would come up with something a little more visually useful.