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I do not get it why it requires 5 GPS Maze to achieve the diamant badge. To my understanding it is always the same exhibition, isn'it ? If yes then you may go eventually a second time, but five times who will ?
in Feature requests by choucroute (300 points)
There are a lot of people in this game worldwide and for some going five times to achieve that diamond is a goal. For others, it's not as important.  Perhaps they will bring different family members or friends who haven't heard of geocaching.  It's all about perspective.  Everyone has their own priorities with this game.

As I have read through many threads with questions, answers, and comments, I've come to realize that the people who have upgraded / updated the badges take a lot in consideration when they set leveling up goals not the least of which is to examine databases for statistics.  I've come to trust they are making the decisions to accommodate everyone meaning they are not trying to exclude.  I think this is the case with the GPS Maze badge.  As the maze becomes more popular, you have to ask the question will Groundspeak change the maze in the future and I suspect they will.
Speaking about statistics. I guess all goals have been sat according to the WW stats. In the case of GPS Maze I would be more than curious to see among the number of geaocachers who attended a GPS Maze how many went a second time or even three times.
As of Feb 27, based on ~10,000 profiles, there are
~2,000 cachers who attended 1 Maze, (Gold)
475 with 2, (Platinum)
112 with 3, (Ruby)
35 with 4 (Emerald)
and 14 cachers with 5 (Diamond)

Detailed badge statistics can be found in the wiki:
The US mazes are different, also.  They will be unique to the area in which they are presented.
Personally, I'm not really looking forward to visit another GPS Maze after having to queue for hours to see one in Mainz a couple of years back. But apart from that, there aren't that many to score anyway. Because of this I don't get the current scoring range of 1-1-1-2-3-4-4-5. Wouldn't a range of 1-1-1-2-2-3-4-5 make more sense?

1 Answer

+3 votes
Actually, it is not the same worldwide.

Czech GPS Maze EUROPE is different from the US version and from what I read from the GeoNord listing in Northern France, this might be a completely new one too. I haven't visited any, so I cannot tell if the US or EU versions are the same each time.

So we have at least 2, if not 3 versions, visit each one twice and you have 6 without being too bored. Personally I would even visit the exact same one 5 times if I want to have this badge. I have found dozens of trads along the road, they are also interchangeable and boring. ;)
by clappy (15.7k points)
To my point of view you can not compare PET along a road vs GPS Maze. Sure 100 PET along a road can be boring but it is not the same time an financial investment as going abroad to attend a GPS Maze.
Of course you are right. I just wanted to express that visiting 5 Maze (even if they are the same) is "just" 5 repetitions instead of things we do way more often.

But I am totally with you on the exclusiveness, rarity and investment for Maze. Personally, I would not go abroad just for the Maze, although I might visit one "nearby" in Europe. But I know enouh people who might.
That being said, I now need a good excuse not to visit the GeoNord one in July, which is only 3.5 hours away... :D