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I'm a paying member but didn't get the badge for lab caches and the lab cache isn't shown at "Most cache types in a day". Other users have that two things. Can someone help me?

Best regards

in Support and help by EngelSu (300 points)

1 Answer

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On Statistics -> Profile Statistics -> Settings there is a setting that determines whether lab caches should be included in your stats or not. You have that setting set to not include them.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
selected by EngelSu
Thank you so much for your help! So easy if you know what to do. BG
Is that only activatable with premium? Does it mean, as a non premium user that I won't have any LabCache statistics or which are included?
@wwwde40: Premium is a function of and not of Project-GC.  To include lab caches in your statistics on Project-GC, you have to purchase a membership. Whether or not you must also maintain Premium on is unknown to me.
Yeah, I get that. Though my question was more focused on which statistics that will be affected by. For Lab-Caches there are implementations in the badge section but also on the main page of the personal statistics in form of most cachetypes in one day. Are those all affected by that? Seems a bit odd - Pay to get better statistics.
Sorry for my vague question above.
No problem.  I have a Premium on but I am not a paid member here on Project-GC and I had similar questions myself.  I just reviewed this link and it appears that you don't actually have to have a Premium to activate lab caches once you pay for membership and activate on PGC.  Yes, I agree, it is a bit frustrating that you have to pay to see lab caches included.  I also know that the most types in a day will include the lab cache once you pay for membership and click on activate in settings.

You might consider clicking on the Trial under that link I posted to test out membership features without paying for them.  I am getting ready to do that myself.  Good luck.