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+3 votes
I want to suggest a little improvement on the Forthcoming Events Tool:

When opening the Tool with empty fields, I've to fill out the date (Begin / End of Hidden date time span).

Currently the dropdown list starts with the year 2000 and below the years 2001 up to 2021 follows.

I suggest to add an extra entry of the current year (today 2020) at the top of the list.
By this, the selection can be made faster, especially on smartphones.
Its a very little push for more user experience, but I think over the time it can save time.

A change of order may also be possible, but then the next year (2021) will be on the top.

So I think an extra entry like the regions (Europe, Africa, ...) in the country field may be the most intuitive solution  - even with such a blank field as separator (like that between South America and Afghanistan).
in Feature requests by Onkel Benny (3.3k points)
edited by Onkel Benny
Reverse sort sounds better to me than out-of-order fields but indeed, you have a point here.

1 Answer

0 votes
When I look at Tools > Map Based > Upcoming Events, with no dates selected, I only see events in the future, with nearest today's date at the top, way in the future at the bottom. Recheck the dates you entered. No fix seems to be needed.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.9k points)
edited by the Seagnoid (Expert)
Thanks for the answer, but it doesn't help further.

Not using the date-filter isn't an option for me.
Filters are one of the great features of PGC!
For example to reduce the number of upcoming events.

Of course you are right: When one doesn't use filters, the improvement of the entry mask / dropdown-list isn't necessary...

Not using PGC will furthermore make any improvements unneccessary at all... ;-)

Improvements are not the same as fixes:
Fix = solve a non working issue (not the case here)
Improvement = change for better User Experience, e.g. on small screens of smartphones with long dropdown lists (reason for my post)