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I have been at the platinum level for PGC points for three years. At the beginning of 2020, I dropped down dramatically. When I compared the specification for my points with a friend, she is about 15 points ahead for a category called Subscription. What does it refer to? I cannot find it anywhere on the PGC points page, nor is there an explanation on the wiki. Can anyone explain it, please. Thank you.
in Miscellaneous by katboh (130 points)
I do not understand why this can not or has not been answered - I too have wondered how the figure comes about - next to my subscription category is a number 36.40
I understand this changes year on and is refreshed every January 1st -
but (and I think this is the essence of the OP)  
How is this calculated ?
what is this figure based on - Is this linked to paid membership ?

This is not answered, because nobody, who read through this question, knows for sure. For example, I don't have this row in my PGC Points, even though I am paying my membership (well ... the payment was done last calendar year and I really do not remember the numbers from last year).
Ah, so it can't be linked to paid membership - as my figure is the same this year as it was last year and I had not renewed payment - That said I have since renewed payment but the number did not changed - so I guess that confirms it is not linked to the payment :-)
It could be linked to a paid membership. If you renew your substription you pay 24 Dollar (or 44 for 2 years). Perhaps you get 2 points a month - but it is noch updated every month.
Question: you had 36.4 points 2019. Did you had a 2 year membership?
I do not believe that the subscription category is linked to a paid membership. First, active membership is another category and I have my points awarded for that. Second, my best geocaching buddy has a membership that expires on the same date as mine. She has points for subscription, I do not.
Purely a guess, but could it be subscription to the news email? (A tick box in )
No. I am receiving these emails, but I do not have that row in my PGC Points.
I can confirm this. I have the email subscription but not the subscription row.
I'm just letting everyone know where I encountered the word 'subscription.'  I activated a trial membership which has since expired.  These are the 3 messages generated by PGC to my account reminding me to renew.  Note the use of the word 'subscription' in each of the messages.  When it was active it gave me 10 points for Active membership. Just thought I would pass this along.

Conversation with: Project-GCLast updated: a day ago
Project-GC said: Your subscription has expired, renew it here.

Conversation with: Project-GCLast updated: 2 days ago
Project-GC said: Your subscription is about to expire, renew it here.

Conversation with: Project-GCLast updated: 8 days ago
Project-GC said: Your subscription is about to expire, renew it here.

2 Answers

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I think it's a hybrid of duration of subscription, and bonus points for referrals.

At least the page says you get points for recruiting people, I have recruited 2, and they don't show up separately in the list of points earned, so they must fall under subscription.
by MAS83 (2.0k points)
Hi, thanks for your answer, but it does not seem to be the case. I have actually bought a membership for my best geobuddy, and our subscriptions are exactly the same. She has not referred anyone else and neither have I. Yet she has the 15 subscription points and I do not. The same amount of referrals (none), the same subscription length, different points.
Hmm, that's weird. I always figured it was a mix of both, but guess not.
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As I had nearly the same question , I'm still confused what "Subscription" is and how it is counted within PGC points.

I was hoping it had something to do with the time you become or stay a (paid) member of PGC. But the value has not changed for several months.

Perhaps someone has a "new" explanation or can understand whether (and why) the PGC points change the value "Subscription".
Does "Subscription" change after you renew your membership for another year ?
by supertwinfan (17.8k points)
Do you still see Subscription in your PGC points? I do not.
I have never received any points for "subscription", even though I am a fully paid up member and at the last renewal I paid for 3 years membership.

I am curious about what 'subscription' is, but just like the Challenge Checker usage category, if we ever learn what it is then we can watch it disappear!
I still have Subscription . But id did not change since over a year as I lost about 15 points. Have now 5.2 points.

 The points for challenge checker are gone.

Does anyone knows how donations work in the area of PGC points. 10 Dollar = 1 Point ?