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Diverse Cacher - why does it keep going back and forth between diamond and emerald? [closed]

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I don't know if it's a bug or not but over the last several weeks my Diverse Cacher badge keeps jumping from Diamond to Emerald and back again.  Can anyone explain why this keeps happening?

A little history: Just a couple days ago it was showing as a Diamond and now it is back to Emerald.  I have found 11 types in a day on 3/11/2018 (to include a lab cache) but I do not have a paid membership here. I already understand that lab caches are not included until I pay for membership, then, I have to turn on the feature to have PGC count my lab caches in statistics.  Also, I am fully aware of the qualifications for both diamond and emerald and I have already read through all the badgegen wiki material.  Nothing explains this issue.
closed with the note: The issue is resolved.
asked Mar 8 in Bug reports by TigreToot (5,470 points)
closed Apr 14 by TigreToot

What I've seen is that some BadgeGen Addon changes due to new counting.

The Diverse Cacher AddOn is:


So as you do not have a paid membership you have 10 different cachetypes. And this is now Emerald.

I am fully aware of what qualifies for a diamond or emerald badge. I've already read through the link but addons do not apply since I didn't work on the Diverse Cacher badge during leap day. Not to mention, this leveling up and leveling down (can you say, 'see-saw') was going on before leap day. I achieved the 11 types (to include lab cache) on 3/11/2018 during a Mega event held in Denton, Texas.

1 Answer

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So I checked your Profile Stats and BadgeGen a few minutes ago just to be sure:

You have "The Diverse Cacher" on Emerald for finding 10 unique cache types in a day. The first page of Profile Stats also states 10 types for most types a day on 11 March 2018. So this seems to be consistent.

Being a paying member of PGC you could include Labcaches where applicable (this also affects the most icons a day).

The moving up and down could have been something caused by re-leveling the badges and developing of the code, there was a lot going on in the last few weeks. Diverse was 10 for Diamond before the change, then 12, now it's 11.

Please notify us if it happens again.
answered Mar 9 by clappy (8,910 points)
Thank you for the help on this.  I took a snapshot of both the badge and the statistics. I will let you know if I see it jump back to diamond.
It appears the issue is resolved. I have been monitoring it daily and also refreshed after the latest update and it has remained emerald as it should. Thanks again.
Follow-up response: I chose to activate the trial membership feature and within a few hours it updated.  I was really amazed at how fast it updated things.  It didn't take a day to happen.

I have 11 distinct cache types found on a specific day, so, the diamond badge for Diverse Cacher is now active because it included my lab cache finds on that same day.  Very cool!
@Clappy: you wanted me to let you know if it happened again.

I closed this thread thinking the problem had resolved but it has not.  When the system did an update on 3/31, the emerald badge reverted back to a diamond and yet my Finds under Profile Stats showed only 10 in a day.  Then the next day it went back to emerald.