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Badges & Stats Updating

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Hi All

I have a few questions about Daily Updating & Badges.

Firstly I got a yearly membership so my Project GC profile would update but it has stayed the same since I upgraded the membership over two weeks ago. My find count is about 250 caches out. I thought that with membership it is ment to update daily, Is this not correct?

Also I have not got al the badges displayed for example I also upgraded my Project GC membership so that lab caches would be displayed. I cant see the lab cache badge even though I have more than 250 lab caches.

Do the Stats update daily with premium membership?

Thanks for the advice
asked Mar 12 in Miscellaneous by DARKSIDEDAN (3,650 points)
I realize this is a bit late but I always say late is better than never.  I found that Settings arrow to turn on lab caches under this link  It's a bit obscure and hard to spot on the left under the 2 paragraphs. When you click on the arrow it is under the Misc options heading.

2 Answers

+1 vote
Your stats need to update before the lab cache badge is shown. I think the scheduling of your next update may be kept from before you paid, so you may need to wait a week from your previous update before the daily updates happen (but yes, paying members get daily updates).
answered Mar 12 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (145,310 points)
Lovely thanks for the advice.
+1 vote
Regarding the Labs, you need to 'switch them on'. Under your profile stats, go to settings, and then enable LabCaches.
answered Mar 12 by CaracalShan (1,400 points)
Where do you mean
On this page: , click on the arrow before 'Settings'. Below there is a box 'Include lab cache finds where applicable'. I think the default setting is that this box is unchecked.
the [,] at the provided link has to be removed, otherwise the link won't work