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360 from home does not work?

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Since the related questions have been closed please excuse that I open a new thread.

First of all thanks a lot for the new tool.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work for me. There is a red box with limitations for normal members, which is fine. However, below the ads it still does not show anything but an alert saying the tool requires a premium membership with, which is bizarre as it’s a tool provided by PGC (not and does not involve any PMO-functionality.

Is this a bug?
asked Mar 15 in Bug reports by k+gw+a (10,690 points)
Here is a link to the Wiki information regarding this tool.

It says the tool is still in development.

Edited on 4/21/2020: After reviewing the features, I notice that some PGC tools require a Premium membership to work even inside Project-GC.  The wiki doesn't specifically state that but I have to assume it is correct since I have a Premium membership on

1 Answer

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@TigreToot: The wiki info regarding this tool means that it's in development for free users.

I'm a paying PGC user (and a premium GC member, too) and all I can say is: this tool works fine!

Thanx a lot to all developers!!!
answered Apr 21 by eltopo00 (900 points)
Actually, I disagree with your assumption regarding the development is for free users.  It specifically states that the next in line for development is Virtual GPS which is only for paid members.  I believe there will likely be features added to this tool as time moves on and that is what is meant by still 'in development.'

I used this tool before purchasing a membership to PGC.  It had many limitations but still worked.  Now that I'm a paid PGC member, the tool is much better with far more powerful features. I anticipate that more features will be added as development continues.
ok. Thank you for your detailed correction.