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"Hidden Date" Calendar Filter results are always, "You are not missing any hidden dates."

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My hidden date calendar is filled. When I try to Filter by Cache Type to see which dates don't have Letterbox, it always shows, "You are not missing any hidden dates." Any filter setting results in the same response.

asked Mar 21 in Support and help by 8Nuts MotherGoose (240 points)
The same happened to me.  I tried different countries with different filters with no luck.  Yes, my dates hidden grid is completely filled.  Is this a bug?
No, this is not a bug. This is a misunderstanding of that the Cache Type/Size filter does. It only changes the suggestions you get, not which of your existing logs are considered. This tool does not support looking at your logs of just a specific cache type.

Compare with the D/T matrix tool that has both the Cache Type/Size filter (which works in the same way) and the D/T Cache Type/Size filter (which limits to just one type of previous finds as well).
You are right it's not a bug.  Currently, I have a trial membership active and it does work when I used 2 in the loop filter.  Before, I must have had too many filters active and it didn't find anything.
So I can filter a filled "Needed Found Dates" but the same filters don't work on the "Needed Placed Dates"?

2 Answers

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it is not a bug. It works only for the first loop. To check next loop you have to be a premium and select loop from filters.
answered Mar 21 by TominoTO (1,850 points)
edited Mar 21 by TominoTO
If you are PM here on PGC try this. I see in your profile you need 1 date to 10th loop. Maybe you will change country.
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Not so much a bug as unclear controls.

The "Needed Placed Dates" tool searches for the dates needed to fill the calendar (on the first loop by default but paying members can look for other loops). The filters are filters on the displayed caches to use to fill, not on the calendar state being checked.

For example, let's say I'd found Traditional caches hidden on each day in January, mysteries hidden on each day in February and multis hidden on each day in March, with no finds in any other month. "Needed Placed Dates" with a filter of "Letterbox Hybrid" would show Letterbox Hybrid caches hidden in April - December.
answered Mar 24 by sumbloke (Expert) (32,320 points)
I am a Premium Member on both P-GC and GC.
I have filled my Placed Date Calendar for Several Loops.
I know I have not found a Letterbox on Placed Dates February 13 and August 21.
Everyone seems to be telling me, as I originally found out for myself,  the Placed Date Search does not give any suggested caches to fill those two missing Placed Dates.
This type of search works great on the Found Date Search. Please rewrite the Placed Date Search to run the same way as the Found Date Search.